Consignment Contract

Consignment Contract

Last updated 5/25/17

Queen Bees Boutique, LLC

4170 S Cleveland Massillon Rd Suite 2B

Norton, Ohio, 44203


Consignment Agreement/Terms – MUST READ. We will not be responsible for misunderstandings due to unread contracts.

Queen Bees Boutique, LLC is an upscale consignment shop specializing in contemporary clothing (current styles sold within past three years) with a limited selection of vintage and designer pieces. Please visit our shop or view our list of preferred brands and items if interested in consigning. We accept women’s clothing (12+) and accessories. We no longer accept or sell shoes. During fall and winter months we accept boots/booties in excellent used condition.

Consignment is accepted M-F from 11AM-6 PM and Saturday 11AM-5PM unless prior discussed. We accept up to 20 items per walk-in for review, and will accept more by appointment only or if we do not need to review items immediately. Please call us at 234-334-5982 to schedule an appointment or e mail  If we are otherwise occupied, we will ask you leave the consignment/store credit items here for our review at a later time. Items MUST be transferred to disposable bags prior to leaving the store and marked with consigners name/contact information. We can only hold items that were not chosen for consignment for 3 days. After 3 days if items are not picked up, they will be donated or discarded based on condition.

No hangers please unless the item is formalwear. All items must be freshly laundered or dry-cleaned and free of holes, stains, wrinkles, smoke smells, and animal hair. We have limited space in our store and reserve the right to refuse any items. Sorry, but we cannot accept bras and panties unless they are unworn, new with tags. 

Merchandise is sold on a 50/50 basis (50% to Queen Bees, 50% to consignor.)

All items will be kept for 90 days. At 30 days, prices will reduce by 25%. At 60 days, prices will reduce by 50%. At 75 days, items will be reduced to 65% off. There’s a 5-day grace period for picking up items, after the consignment period has ended. It is the consignor’s responsibility to track and pick up items. This means that we will make our BEST EFFORT to pull your items, however, it is your responsibility to retrieve items you would like back and remove them from our hangers. After 95 days, anything consigned becomes the property of Queen Bees and will be donated. We do not provide tax receipts for donations. 

All pricing, periodic reductions, later discounts provided to customers due to small damages, and special sales will be established by Queen Bees. Once an item has sold, the consignor will receive 50% of the selling price, less sales tax. Again, Queen Bees has the right to set prices or sell item during a sale or with coupons. Please visit the shop to get an idea of our pricing.

Queen Bees will pay out after sale of item(s) after sale has been made, unless otherwise agreed upon by both consignor and Queen Bees Boutique, LLC.  It is the consignor’s responsibility to pick up payment. Payment can also be used in store with a 10% bonus if used as Store Credit. We do not mail checks. Due to the large amount of contracts, we do not call to notify of new balances. You are free to contact the store during business hours at 234-334-5982 to check your balance.

If an item is found unsuitable for sale due to damage after acceptance (stains, holes, missing buttons, defects), it will automatically be donated.

Queen Bees Boutique, LLC will regard each item with great care but is not responsible for loss due to fire, flood, misplacement, theft, damages, etc. and all items are left at the owner’s risk. We will take every precaution to prevent such loss. We do not own your item while it is in our care.

Consignors signature (Please print and sign)


Consignors mailing address and phone number:


Email address (most frequently checked):­­­­­­–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

If leaving, shall we donate any items not put out for consignment?      YES           NO   

For store use only:

Assigned name code:

Start date:                                                                              End date:      

Contract :

  Queen Bees Boutique

Consignment Checklist


  1. Are all items Size XL (12) and larger?
  2. Are they clean, fresh, and ready to go? (no pet hair, no odor, freshly laundered - NO STAINS)
  3. Do they all have a size tag?
  4. Are the items current and trendy? (no more than 4 years old)
  5. Are they hanger free? (except formals)
  6. Are all items SEASON appropriate?
  7. Are shoes, purses, and accessories clean and intact?


If you cannot answer yes to these questions, we will turn away the entire consignment until it is properly prepared.